What is computorgan?

Computorgan (also know as computorgue) is a computerprogram made by Patrick Brusorio. It is able to assign different organ'stops' to midi-input signals, so you can produce organ sounds. For more information http://members.aol.com/computorgan/

About this site

This site was about the computorganprogram. I was editing this program to make it work better. It had some limitations. But now there is a much better program. The jOrgan program, which is much easier to use, and can do more. It can be found at http://www.meiers.org/sven/jorgan/index.html

Building Pedalboard

Here you can see how i build my pedalboard

Further plans

For the rest of my console i make use of MIOS from : A HREF="http://www,ucapps.de">http://www,ucapps.de When it's finished i will put it at the site Contact me at :

Sander ter Veen